Keynotes by Atilla Yoldaş

Gain insights into the impact of macho culture through Atilla Yoldaş' keynotes  a challenging and motivating journey towards change on mental health and gender equality issues.

Keynote by Speaker Atilla Yoldaş

From one guy to another

The lecture, based on the ‘Man Book’, explores the impact of macho culture on young men through personal experiences and facts. It covers topics such as sex, relationships, violence and mental health. Through a mix of stories and exercises, it aims to raise awareness and engage participants in critical discussion about the effects of macho culture and how it can be challenged.

  • Personal experiences of macho culture from a young man who grew up with these destructive norms and how they inhibit guys and harm their environment.
  • The structure of macho culture and its negative consequences and consists of a balance between personal experiences, facts and exercises.
  • The lecture aims to connect with those who influence and are influenced by the macho culture to be able to problematize this structure that we are part of.
  • The lecture is aimed directly at young men and boys, and indirectly at everyone else who has to deal with macho culture.

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Keynote by Speaker Atilla Yoldaş

A workplace free from discrimination

What does it take to create a workplace completely free of discrimination? With this question in mind, Atilla explores how an inclusive and respectful work environment can transform corporate culture and contribute to both success and a sense of psychological safety among employees.

  • He shares insights from leading research showing how an inclusive work environment positively impacts both employee well-being and company performance.
  • Through personal and engaging stories, Atilla highlights the importance of actively working against discrimination and promoting a culture of diversity and mutual respect.
  • Atilla examines global trends and challenges in workplace discrimination, with a particular focus on macho culture and how established social norms affect the work environment.

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Keynote by Speaker Atilla Yoldaş

How to prevent mental health issues among the youth

The lecture on youth mental health combines personal stories and research to offer insights and tools for educators, parents and others working with young people. The content is adaptable, with exercises and practical advice, and is aimed at preventing and managing mental health problems among young people.

  • One societal effect of the pandemic is an increase in mental health problems among young people. Hear more about how our children and young people feel today and learn about how we can prevent it.
  • The lecture is based on Atillaş’ personal experience of growing up with mental illness in silence.
  • Using research and surveys, Atilla gives concrete advice and tips to prevent and counteract mental illness among young people.
  • The lecture is aimed at educators, sports organizations, parents and companies that work with children and young people in different ways.
  • You will receive materials, exercises, concrete advice and tips, as well as contact information and references to sites, organizations and associations that can help.

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Keynote by Speaker Atilla Yoldaş

Racism & Anti-Racism

This lecture by Atilla Yoldaş addresses the multifaceted nature of racism in society, from everyday racism to hate crimes. Atilla uses his personal experience of growing up with an immigrant background to highlight the pervasiveness of racism in everything from schools to the labor market. Through his story and expertise, he provides concrete tools to combat racism and promotes understanding of the importance of anti-racism in an equal and democratic society.

  • Racism permeates many areas of society, from schools to the labor market, and is often a contributing factor to discrimination and harassment.
  • Atilla shares his personal experience of racism from his childhood, when he and his family were continuously judged based on their immigrant background.
  • Atilla provides insights into how racism manifests itself today and provides tools to combat it in different areas of society.

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Keynote by Speaker Atilla Yoldaş

An anti-racist school and company

This lecture focuses on developing anti-racist environments in schools and businesses. It is adapted to train staff in education and business, with an emphasis on identifying and countering racist structures and promoting inclusion and diversity.

An Anti-Racist School – Creating Equality & Respect:

  • Mainly aimed at teachers, educators and youth workers, but can be adapted for young people from middle school to high school.
  • Focused on highlighting racist structures and active anti-racism as a counterforce.

An Anti-Racist Company – Promoting Diversity & Inclusion:

  • Intended for both managers and employees in companies and organizations.
  • Focuses on power structures, representation, inclusion and discrimination.

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Keynote by Speaker Atilla Yoldaş

Outstanding moderator and discussion leader

Atilla Yoldaş combines his award-winning journalism background with activism to create insightful and engaging discussions. Known for his ability to navigate complex topics such as gender equality and anti-racism, he engages the audience and adapts smoothly to different contexts. Atilla is ideal for events that require in-depth and thought-provoking conversations.

  • Atilla’s experience gives him a unique ability to understand and discuss complex topics such as gender equality and anti-racism.
  • He uses his ability to engage the audience, creating dynamic and thought-provoking conversations.
  • Atilla is known for his ability to adapt to different contexts and audiences, making him a versatile facilitator.

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